I’m currently teaching a multi-genre course called Language of Environment, through Charlottesville’s WriterHouse. It’s an eight-week course meeting twice a week on Zoom.

$189 Members | $210 Nonmembers
Mondays and Wednesdays, 1/11/21 – 3/3/21 | 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

“Nature writing” might make you think of Thoreau or John Muir, but it’s obvious that the world has moved beyond the state of idyllic wilderness. We need writing that tries to reckon with our current conditions—finding words for the grief, rage, and yet joy and connection that we feel in the midst of the Anthropocene. This will be a multi-genre course (poetry, nonfiction, and all other forms welcome) that helps you wrestle with the task of writing nature and place in a time of crisis. Readings by authors like Robin Wall Kimmerer, Robert Macfarlane and Kate Schapira will guide us, and daily/weekly observation practices will be our anchor.


I also hope to offer one-day online poetry workshops this winter and spring. They’ll be for small groups of poets who want thoughtful feedback in a group setting. Contact me if you would be interested!


Testimonials from recent students:

Erika Howsare’s online writing workshop is a revelatory experience. She is a consummate professional, deftly guiding fellow writers on a journey of self discovery, refinement, and most importantly a growing awareness of writing as a path to greater mindfulness in everyday life.

Erika’s poetry writing workshop is connecting me to creativity and community at a time when these connections feel so tenuous. The writing prompts have provided focus and inspired bigger projects. The feedback from Erika and everyone in the workshop has helped me find clarity, courage, and confidence. Highly recommend!