I’m excited that the Chicago Review of Books just published my review of Frances Richard’s book about Gordon Matta-Clark. I loved diving into his work via her incredibly fluent writing, and in my piece I fantasize the art he might have made had he worked outside of his urban milieu.

Here’s something I didn’t have room for in the piece, a quote from the dancer Tina Girouard about how (on top of everything else he did, and totally outside of any professional practice) Gordon Matta-Clark was also a killer dance partner:

“Gordon and I loved to dance together. And we scared the hell out of people when we danced. Because, in our finest hour, I would run at Gordon and literally run up him and dive off the top, and he’d turn around and catch me before my head hit the floor. That’s how crazy we were, and how brave we were. And the length to which we would take our art.”