This is from Eunoia, Bok’s Oulipo-influenced book of poems restricted to the use of one vowel per chapter. I will go out on a limb and say that English may be the only language in which something as passable as this could be written within such draconian constraints. Meaning and pleasure are alive inside our extra-large vocabulary, at the ready, like soldiers inside an oversized Trojan horse.

“Greek schemers respect shrewdness; hence, the shrewd rebels enter the sled’s secret recess, the sled’s nested creche, where these few men keep themselves secreted. Then the sled gets sent wherever the nemeses dwell; there, the Greek pretenders pretend: ‘the well-hewn steed represents the perfect present.’ The wedded regent sees these presenters present the steed; hence, he decrees: ‘the plebes express excellent reverence.’ He never detects the pretense; hence, he errs when he lets the presented steed enter the crenelled keep. The rebels never get detected when the keep gets entered.”