This week I discovered, via a thriftshop monograph, the photographer Constantine Manos:

USA. New Jersey. Atlantic City. 1987. “American Color” p.77 © Costa Manos/Magnum Photos

His work reminds me of Garry Winogrand and William Eggleston–that whole photographic movement that made chaotic scenes magically and fleetingly coalesce. It’s a sensibility that I’ve tried, consciously or not, to reproduce in poetry sometimes. It seems like a form of visual sampling, where elements from different sources jangle against each other, but then it’s just a camera pointed at a complete piece of the disjointed world.


USA. Marshfield. 1987. “American Color” © Costa Manos/Magnum Photos

There is a slideshow of this project of Manos’ here, with more fractured totality.