I am offering an online course in May. I also offer private writing mentor services: one-on-one support and feedback. See below for more!


May 2024 Classes

Poetry of Questions

Thursday evenings, May 2-23, 7-8:30pm EDT, on Zoom

This workshop will center on the question as an entry into poetic thinking and writing (“poetic” can mean poetry, but also certain ways of approaching nonfiction or other genres). We’ll explore prompts and exercises in class, and encourage a regular writing practice that feeds reflection and invites us to go beyond our habits and discover new territory.

Class Fee: $80-120 sliding scale          Class Size: 4-8 students         Contact me to register


Writing Mentor Services

As an author of nonfiction and poetry, I know how important it is to have clear and compassionate feedback on one’s work, and I really love supporting people as they grow into a fuller expression of written language. Since the first time I joined a writing workshop more than 25 years ago, I’ve played the role of writing helper in many different ways–as a teacher, a student, a private mentor, a writing group member, and also as a friend.

Now, I’m offering my services as a writing mentor for those who write poetry and nonfiction. These services are on a sliding hourly scale of $40-75; for longer-term clients, I’m happy to work out a flat fee.

A relationship with a writing mentor could look like any of the following:

  • Meeting on a regular basis to keep your writing practice on track.

  • Meeting once–or at key points in your process–to provide you with feedback on individual poems or nonfiction pieces in progress.

  • Engaging in discussion about larger projects you’re working on, such as memoirs and other nonfiction projects, manuscripts or chapbooks of poetry.

  • Providing comprehensive feedback on manuscripts that are further along.

  • Assisting an author in writing book proposals, pitches, and agent queries, as well as thinking through the overall strategy of publishing their work.

  • Leading regular or occasional writers’ groups, offering fresh feedback and prompts.

As a writing mentor, I can be an accountability partner to keep projects on track; offer generative assignments or prompts to get creativity flowing; give a fresh perspective when you’re stuck; provide feedback on pieces in progress, whether regularly or at critical moments; help you think through formal concerns, process, and/or overall direction of your work; and talk strategy for getting your work in front of a larger audience. In other words, the possibilities are very broad and flexible!

My own interests as a writer are also wide-ranging, mostly centered on history, the natural world, art, personal histories, and environmental issues. I tend to experiment with hybrid approaches and get excited when others break the rules of genre, but I’m also very comfortable working with more traditional writers. I love learning people’s stories and gently probing to help them discover what it is they need to write.

My teaching experience includes Brown and Longwood Universities, WriterHouse in Charlottesville, UVA’s continuing ed program, and private online classes. Currently I’m a member of several writers’ groups and am working with a local first-time author to develop a book proposal on which I will serve as ghostwriter.

Get in touch and let’s talk about your projects!