Books and Work

Read about my latest book and chapbook here.


Full-length poetry


FILL: A Collection (with Kate Schapira)

Collaborative poetry, out from Trembling Pillow Press, 2016


Essays and Prose

My review of Amity and Prosperity, a book about fracking in my hometown, at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

A review of Hazel White’s Vigilance Is No Orchard at PANK.

Jen Tynes and I spoke about my new book and many other things at The Magnificent Field.

Essay on cat videos, babies, and the rest of nature at The Millions.

Interview with garden-poets Hazel White and Denise Newman at The Rumpus.

I have published two essays in Taproot, one on houses and one on botanical art.

A little piece on a groundhog song at Coldfront.

Two contributions to the Encyclopedia Project, in Vols. I and II; one with Merrill Gilfillan, the other on the island of California.

Musings on a line by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, at Lost Roads Press.

Selected articles in the C-VILLE Weekly, my hometown newspaper: On Mary Ellen Mark, on Sally Mann, on jail, on architecture, on shamanism.

Also available: essays on children, wineberries, and football.



Oak Knock

Horse Less Press, 2013

The Ohio System (with Jen Tynes)

Octopus Press, 2006

Roadblock/Sitelines (with Kate Schapira)

online at The Cultural Society

Elect June Grooms

Horse Less Press, 2004


A Few Poems

“Threshold” in EOAGH

“Words for an Oasis” and “Pours” at No Tell Motel

“Song,” “Bridge: Bridge’s location,” and “Arrows Flocking” in Aufgabe


Other Kinds of Things

In 2005 I walked across Rhode Island while taking notes, photographs, compass readings, garbage counts, and other measures. Artifacts went into a museum, which had Curators; meanwhile, the Walker evolved into a performative being who disdained documentation and wished to purely walk. A productive battle ensued.

In 2006 I spent a week walking, writing, and moving things around to create a poetry/art installation at The Land in Mountainair, New Mexico.

I followed the path of Lewis and Clark across the country, writing each day based on a randomly chosen clue and the expedition journals.

For many years I wrote down a single observation each day.