The whole thing come down

Since I was a kid I’ve known the Taj Mahal song “Annie’s Lover,” including these lines–

“He sat on a hillside, playing his guitar, watching the whole thing come down in harmony…”

The idea of harmonious descent showed up a few years ago in my own writing:

“An impactful angle at which the hillside/ Out the laundry room window/ In unison descends”

And now here it is in Claire-Louise Bennett’s Pond:

“I don’t know why I came to stop standing there and shut the door. Or maybe I didn’t shut the door. That’s more like it. I came to stop standing there, but I didn’t shut the door because–I remember now–being at the desk–I was sitting actually, sitting at the desk–sitting and looking out–it’s quite clear to me that that’s how it was. And perhaps what I thought was, it all looks so very alive it might move–wouldn’t that be right–it will all move down this way and come in through the door, and perhaps in through the windows too. Perhaps I thought something like that, sitting there, at the desk, looking up at the outside.”

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