Tony Mancus, Subject Position

I got the new Magnificent Field chapbook in the mail and read it on the drive north out of the Florida Keys. “Subject Position” makes objects or units out of word-blocks until they change shape, or occupy two positions at once.

“Having been broken or dug into history or present for / what passes beneath the cable sky unfolding, the table / we’ve been set at, the countertop and badlands, the / nature nurture bait set, our hams still pig before the / Easter doesn’t resurrect them, mud in all the springs…”

Language is explicitly referenced until it twists like a meme:

“In our language economy / say the word / say the word / say it it it”

And new images surface:

“Sad faucet making the water / from its snout // Door jamb logging / its infinite hours”

I love the full throat of this line:

“Jump up to look / in song at the surroundings / What each event capsules, is / rounded out by saying”


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